The Best People

It is only natural that in the hubbub of today’s politically motivated vitriol against Islam, the beautiful teachings of this divine religion on family relations are easily overshadowed and neglected. Unfortunately, Muslims themselves are in large part neglectful of their faith’s precepts on how they should treat their spouses and children. God willing, this aspect constitutes one of the topics that we will consider in our blogposts.

A very enlightening and telling hadith, or report, in the corpus of Shia tradition that deals with our relationship with our families is the following.

Prophet Muhammad is related to have said,

«خيرکم خيرکم لاهله و انا خيرکم لاهله»

“The best among you are those who treat their families the best, and I, from among you, give my family the best treatment.”[1]


[1] Shaykh Saduq, Kitab man la yahzuruhu al-faqih, second edition (Qum: Daftar Intisharat Islami, 1413), vol. 3, p. 555.