Introducing Heavenlywise

Conscientious and caring parents living in the West, especially—but not exclusively—Muslim parents, see their families beset by an overwhelming and ever intensifying onslaught of what seems to be an enormous and concerted campaign of corruption. TV programs, movies, cartoons, and even books are so grossly replete with unhealthy material and sexual content (which can no longer be considered sexual innuendo but are rather explicit sexual expressions) that it would be a miracle if children grew up without their psychological and spiritual wellbeing jeopardized in one way or another.

Our children are the most precious things we have. Their upbringing in this world affects not only their eternal wellbeing in the Hereafter but also that of ours. And in this world, their upbringing bears directly on how the future of the world will unfold. As such, raising children is without a doubt the most significant and valuable preoccupation that we can take on in this world. It is our duty to attend to the spiritual as well as the material and physical wellbeing of our children.

One of the most important elements that contributes to a healthy upbringing based on faith, especially in the spiritually impoverished societies of the West, is the availability of helpful and enlightening books and other educational products. Unfortunately, however, we suffer from a scarcity of informative and edifying books inspired by and based on Islam’s doctrine and ethos.

What makes matters even worse is that Islam—which is fundamentally the religion of tolerance, compassion, love, and mercy—has been a victim of gross and deliberate misrepresentation at the hands of Western media outlets, which—taking advantage of misguided Muslims that follow a perverted pseudo-Islam advocated by Middle Eastern governments most closely allied with Western powers—have successfully tarnished its image. Islam is viewed by most Westerners as a murder-loving and compassionless religion that preaches the killing of all non-Muslims. This has made the responsibility of raising children even more difficult. Muslim children—and Muslim parents, for that matter—are often ashamed of their Islamic identity. Many Muslim parents either encourage or, at least, are resigned to their children’s utter assimilation into the Godless culture of the West.

Heavenlywise came into being primarily out of a concern for the aforementioned problems. Though small and young and in spite of its unimpressive coffers, it is a strongly motivated enterprise whose strength lies in trust in God and the love of the most perfect of all saints—Muhammad and his blessed household and offspring.

Our objective is to create books and other multimedia products that are illuminating and edifying and are at the same time beautiful and captivating.

We are working to present works that teach children about the values and precepts of the true Islam in a way that makes them happy and proud of their Islamic identity.

We hope that through our publications we can help parents instill in their children the essence of what it means to be a Muslim, making the world a better place and ensuring a pious and caring future generation that will spread Islam’s message of peace, justice, and love. That is the prospect that gives us strength and empowers us to move ahead in spite of our modest means.