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Heavenlywise aspires to help children imbibe the rich and spiritually invigorating essence of the true Islam as embodied by the Shia faith. Through providing our children with the proper mental and spiritual nourishment, we ensure a new generation of happy and devout kids, who can safely navigate the trials and tribulations of the world, making it a better place for all humanity.


ShiaGnosis and Heavenlywise are partners.

ShiaGnosis aims to introduce the true depth and breadth of Shia intellectuality, spirituality, and morality to the Western readership. The primary objective that ShiaGnosis pursues is to dispel the blinding cultural and political veils that have prevented the Western world from appreciating the rich divine heritage that Islam–as genuinely represented by the Shia faith–embodies


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Heavenlywise is a small and young yet highly motivated publishing and media company with no corporate or government backing of any kind. We have great plans and wonderful projects under way but are constrained by a very limited budget. By making a donation to Heavenlywise, you help us create more of the high quality and successful products we are aiming for. Your donation benefits your children, and the spiritual reward will--God willing--come to your assistance on that Day when all worldly acquaintances, positions, and belongings abandon us.