Wings to Fly With

Wings to Fly With


Wings to Fly With consists of twelve enjoyable poems, each of which is coupled with an amazing illustration, that aim to bring home to your little loved ones twelve essential points about Imam Mahdi and how believers must await his reemergence.

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Wings to Fly With is an illustrated and versified presentation of 12 sayings by the twelfth imam of the Shia faith, Imam Mahdi.  With its easy-to-read and enjoyable poems and beautiful accompanying illustrations, Wings to Fly With offers parents a unique opportunity to teach their children the essentials they need to know about their living imam and the state of proactive anticipation that all devout believers must maintain in awaiting the reemergence of their Master.

Allow your children a rare opportunity to engage in an enjoyable process of learning about their faith and their hidden imam.

Product Details

Author: Fatima T. Sodagar

Illustrator: Iman Hameed

Publisher: Heavenlywise Books

Age Group: 6 - 10


ISBN: 978-0-9975945-9-1

Product Dimensions: 8*0.2*8 in

Weight: 0.6 lbs

Page Count: 30

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Wings to Fly With
By Fatima T. Sodagar