The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

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The feelings of gratitude toward God and love and empathy toward others constitute two very basic attitudes that all people must cherish in their hearts to live a happy and healthy life.  The Greatest Gift is a short but rewarding book that converts an important and edifying saying by Prophet Muhammad on this topic into an enjoyable piece of verse that allows children to imbibe the spirit of the Prophetic teaching through a series of beautifully interconnect illustrations that bring the poem to life.

Enjoy an uplifting ride with your children on how to be thankful to God and love and respect other people.

Product Details

Author: Fatima T. Sodagar and Moslem Naseri

Illustrator: Mahmoud Mokhtari

Publisher: Heavenlywise Books

Age Group: 4 - 8


ISBN: 978-0-9975945-1-5

Product Dimensions: 8*0.2*8

Weight: 0.63

Page Count: 36

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The Greatest Gift
By Fatima T. Sodagar, Moslem Naseri