Squirlette's Friends Move Out!

Squirlette's Friends Move Out!

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Islamic Values for Little Children

Volume One

Squirlette's Friends Move Out! is a Sweet and inviting story about how children can pray to God and how God responds to their prayers.

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True happiness can be achieved only if the soul is allowed to practice the divine values to which it is attuned at its very core. These values are most perfectly represented by Islam as the final manifestation of divine guidance. Estrangement from these values leads to spiritual disorientation and consequently unhappiness.

THE ISLAMIC VALUES FOR LITTLE CHILDREN SERIES is a series of storybooks published by Heavenlywise that bring home the true values that Islam stands for in a way that your little loved ones will enjoy.

Squirlettes Friends Move Out! is the first volume in this series.  This sweet story is centered on a little lovely squirrel who, finding herself lonely and deprived of friends, prays to God for a solution to her problem.  The story illustrates how believing children can speak to God and how God responds to their prayers.

Help your children learn the true values of Islam that will enable them to build healthy, productive, engaging, and spiritually meaningful lives founded on faith in God as they so very swiftly grow into adolescence and adulthood.

Product Details

Author: D. D. Sodagar

Illustrator: Atefeh Maleki Joo

Publisher: Heavenlywise Books

Age Group: 4 - 8

Paperback & hardback

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-946737-05-2

ISBN (hardback): 978-1-946737-04-5

Product Dimensions (paperback): 8.5*0.08*8.5 in

Product Dimensions (hardback): 8.5*0.25*8.5 in

Weight (paperback): 0.2 lbs

Weight (hardback): 0.7 lbs

Page Count: 32

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